Network Cable Standards

EN 50173

EN 50173 has become a series of six standards, focusing on different environments and scenarios:

    ● DIN EN 50173-1:2018 General requirements

    ● DIN EN 50173-2:2018 Office spaces

    ● DIN EN 50173-3:2018 Industrial spaces

    ● DIN EN 50173-4:2018 Homes

    ● DIN EN 50173-5:2018 Data centre spaces

    ● DIN EN 50173-6:2018 Distributed building services

ISO/IEC 11801

ISO/IEC 11801 is the international set of standards for structured cabling. It is very similar to EN 50173, and since November 2017 it even has the same structure of six parts:

    ● ISO/IEC 11801-1:2017: General requirements

    ● ISO/IEC 11801-2:2017: Office premises

    ● ISO/IEC 11801-3:2017: Industrial premises

    ● ISO/IEC 11801-4:2017: Single-tenant homes

    ● ISO/IEC 11801-5:2017: Data centres

    ● ISO/IEC 11801-6:2017: Distributed building services


Apart from ISO / IEC 11801, the American standard TIA-568 is very common in the United States. Currently, the fifth issue of TIA-568 is published as TIA-568-D, which replaces all preceding ones.The set of TIA-568-D consists of five parts:

    ● TIA-568.0-D: Generic Telecommunications Cabling for Customer Premises

    ● TIA-568.1-D: Commercial Building Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard

    ● TIA-568.2-D: Balanced Twisted-Pair Telecommunications Cabling and Components Standard

    ● TIA-568.3-D: Optical Fiber Cabling and Components Standard

    ● TIA-568.4-D: Broadband and Coaxial Cabling and Components Standard

Some specifications of TIA-568-D differ from the ones in ISO / IEC 11801 and thus EN 50173. TIA-568 applies only to the U.S.A. unless explicitly stated otherwise.


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