The 5G era is coming, PULCONN network integrated wiring is ready

In the midst of the constant talk, 5G networks are really coming.As the fifth-generation mobile communication network, its peak theoretical transmission speed can reach 1GB every 8 seconds, which is more than 10 times faster than the transmission speed of 4G network.Although highly anticipated, the 5G network is still a new type of network, and its penetration rate is relatively low, and this period is precisely when the relevant industries are gearing up for battle.Today, 5G mobile phones are just beginning to emerge, and the networking industry is catching up.Among them, PULCONN, as a well-known brand in the field of network integrated wiring in the world, has already laid out a “front line” with its high-speed Gigabit network cables.

For a long time, the network cable has always been an important carrier of network transmission, and its irreplaceability is self-evident. Even in the new network era, this will not change.What our brand needs to do is to do our best to meet the higher demands of network transmission and adapt to new communication standards. The PULCONN high-speed Gigabit Ethernet cable was born in this context.

According to relevant scientific research institutions, compared with the commonly used 4G network communication technology, 5G network communication technology has very obvious advantages in transmission speed. Higher requirements have become a new challenge for the contemporary network accessories industry.As the first batch of brands to respond to the new situation, PULCONN network integrated wiring has found a breakthrough in the high-speed Gigabit network line.

In order to achieve the balance between transmission speed and stability, it is first necessary to work hard on the material of the network cable.The PULCONN high-speed network cable adopts high-purity oxygen-free copper core. The transmission rate of this 0.4mm single-strand oxygen-free copper conductor that meets the 26AWG standard can easily meet the requirements of Gigabit Ethernet and meet the needs of transmission speed. At the same time, the external HDPE wear-resistant insulator, anti-pull rope and environmentally friendly PVC outer skin can effectively reduce signal interference and meet the needs of almost all home networks and most engineering communications. PULCONN is little by little known to the majority of consumers.

Today, various technologies of PULCONN network integrated wiring have come to the forefront of the industry, but the brand’s R&D team has never stopped moving forward.With the gradual maturity of 5G technology, PULCONN has successively developed products such as Category 5 100M network cables, Category 6 Gigabit network cables, and engineering-grade Category 7 10G and Category 8 network cables, Cope with the arrival of the new era with mature and advanced products.



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