Waterproof 2 Inlet 2 Outlet Fiber Optic Splice Closure

●Optic fiber clousure is applied in the junction and protecting of the fiber.It can be place with the aerial cable or buried in earth or put in the pipeline.The outer part and the fusing part of the clousure are made of the project plastic
●The injection molding can be used under the natural environment of -40°~+65°for a long time. It also has the functions of flame-retardant and waterproof that can protect against vibration, impact, cable stretching, and distortion


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●The fiber optic splice closure adopts secondary compression cable technology to ensure no additional attenuation of the optical fiber in the fiber splice joint closure
●Great resisting aging performance
● High reliability, can be directly buried or overhead installation
●The fiber optic splice closure is fixed and sealed with multiple stainless steel screws, which is reliable and excellent
●The fiber optic splice closure has multiple reuse and capacity expansion functions


●Type:Racks & Enclosure, Horizontal 2 In 2 Out
●Ambient temperature:-40 ° C ~ +60 C
●Withstand voltage:15KV (DC)
●Capacity:12 Core, 16 Core, 24 Core, 32 Core, 36 Core, 48 Core, 60 Core, 64 Core, 72 Core, 96 Core, 144 Core