Waterproof 1 Inlet 6 Outlet Fiber Optic Splice Closure

●Optic fiber clousure is applied in the junction and protecting of the fiber.It can be place with the aerial cable or buried in earth or put in the pipeline.The outer part and the fusing part of the clousure are made of the project plastic
●The injection molding can be used under the natural environment of -40°~+65°for a long time. It also has the functions of flame-retardant and waterproof that can protect against vibration, impact, cable stretching, and distortion


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●The material of optical fiber cable splice closure is made of high-quality engineering plastic with good strength
●With good waterproof design, the fiber optical splice closure can be applied into underground and aerial
●Excellent fiber routing design ensures the radius curvature of the fiber well and enough fiber storage space
●It can be sealed quickly and easily, which the ports of inlet and outlet cable likes to do that
●It is suitable for many fields such as telecommunications ,railways,security monitoring,medical equipment,fiber optic repairs,large-scale local area networks and so on


●Splice pallets:Up to 12,each with 24 cores
●Installtion mode:Wall mounting,antenna hanger and pole holding
●Number of cables inlet and outlet:1 inlet 6 outlet
●Application:FTTH,FTTB,FTTX network
●Sealing type:Heat shrinkable sleeve, silicon rubber